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Are there any hypoallergenic breeds of cats?

Unfortunately, no. To date, despite sophisticated testing, no hypoallergenic breed or genetic variant has been identified. There does appear to be some variance between genders, males being more allergenic. Further, some individual cats may produce more allergens than others. 

How much do your cats cost?

We do not have kittens available for sale at this time, but our goal is to make them affordable to everyone.

Are you taking deposits?

No - but you may leave your contact information on our contact list.

When will kittens be available?

Hard to predict. Our team has been working hard to remove the cat allergen gene and has made terrific progress in the last eight months. If everything goes smoothly, we should have our first kittens ready within two years.

What breeds of cat will be available?

Our first kittens will be domestic shorthair cats. We have chosen these cats for their gentle temperament and their wonderful variety of coat color and pattern. In the future, we plan on introducing other hypo-allergenic breeds. 

Will your cats be healthy?

Our kittens will be just like ordinary ones: healthy, happy, well socialized, and playful. The only difference is that they won’t make the major cat allergen.


God bless all of you for working on an allergen-free cat! Oh my God! This is incredible!

- Malory